Dr. T. G. Hamilton began the last fifteen years of his life by researching telekinetic energies and ended by investigating the possibility of the continuation of consciousness after the death of the physical body.

Along the way he and his fellow researchers witnessed levitations and automatic writings and heard sermons purporting to come from beyond the grave.  Among his communicators were some who identified themselves as Stevenson, Livingstone, Spurgeon, Stead and a host of others.

Dr. Hamilton photographed as many of the teleplasmic and levitation phenomana as was possible under the conditions under which he had to work. Since all work had to be done in complete darkness the phenomena had to be lit for the photographs.  The first photographs were taken with the aid of the magnesium powder flash.  The later photographs were taken with ordinary flash bulbs as these became available.

The Hamilton notes and photographs are archived at the University of Manitoba.

The full record of Dr. Hamilton's  experiments in text and photographs can be viewed here ->
Francisco Picon of Spain is doing a Spanish translation of the Hamilton Files including the photos.

Francisco is a physicist in Spain.  Where he finds the time to work on the Hamilton translations and maintain a wonderfully informative website at the same time is a mystery to me.

If you have any knowledge of Spanish at all you will want to visit his website, which you can do here ->

Mick Forster of England has created a website of the Hamilton text and photographs.

He also has an online copy of Margaret Hamilton's book 'Is Survival a Fact?'  It is a website that is well worth visiting.

I am very pleased to have two such capable and creative men interested in working with the Hamilton materials.

Mick Forster's website can be viewed by clicking here ->
Dr. Hamilton did a lot of work with mediums in trance.  For those interested in trance work Part I of a hypnosis course that I have written and taught can be viewed here ->
Dr. Hamilton did a lot of work with mediums in trance.  For those interested in trance work Part II of a hypnosis course that I have written and taught can be viewed here ->
Regression to  some past life or into states between lives is possible.  A Past-Life Regression course that I have writeen and taught can be viewed in pdf  here ->
For those who may wish to view the entire Hamilton text files in one piece to make it easier to do a search, I have included a 2600 page text file in pdf format.  I have removed some repetitions and duplicates and left only references to the Hamilton photographs in this file.  It can be viewed here ->
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For a course in Therapeutic Touch click here ->
Skepticism in the age of Crookes and Lodge here ->
For those readers with the patience to listen to a longer version of the Hamilton videos there is a 10.5 hour version in 1.5 hour segments on vimeo.  These videos attempt to give more detail than the YouTube version.  It will also give you an opportunity to see what I look like, admittedly nothing to brag about.  So - if you have the intestinal resilience - you can access those vimeo videos here ->

The video scripts for the above videos can be viewed here ->
Dr. T. G. Hamilton photos on Flickr can be viewed here ->
The Hamilton files in text and video format take in only the work done by Dr. Hamilton including his postumus writings .  This work ends in the spring of 1944.  For those interested in the work done by Lillian and Margaret Hamilton ending in 1986 with Margaret's death there is a full version in the original non-chronological arrangement in pdf format here ->

A chronoligical arrangement in pdf format can be viewed here ->

These are presented here to facilitate searches of the entire body of work as found in the Hamilton files.
A talk given by Walter Falk on Quantum Reality and Spirituality very roughly outlines the parallel development of Physics and Religion from Greek philosophy to twentieth century science.  A transcript of this talk can be viewed here ->